Contact Information: zacschallenge@

Please contact us to do a presentation about organ, tissue and eye donation at your community group or we can set up a booth at your public event.

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Basic Instructions for Zac's Challenge.

1. Review Zac's Challenge Packet of Information.

2. Get clarification for any questions you have about organ donation, becoming an organ donor or informed consent.

3. Share what you learned about the need for organ donors, organ donation and the registry process.

4. Assist those who choose to register with their "Organ and Tissue Donor Registry Application."

5. Return all completed forms to:

Zac's Challenge

c/o Troy and Amy Wildhaber

6785 Hwy 185

Beaufort, MO 63013

Zac's Challenge Goal is for you to assist 5 people to register.

To participate in Zac's Challenge

Please send your contact info including a mailing address to and we will send you a packet.


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